This is the portfolio of

Igor Noronha

Brazilian visual artist with work visa, in Denmark since 2008, born in 1985.

iggynore (at) gmail (dot) com

+45 5321 9904

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Video content

Freelance work

"Colour you will love" campaign, Garnier Olia

"The Walking Dead: No Man's Land" campaign, mobile game

"Woke Up Like This" campaign, L'Oréal

"Quick Eats" campaign, Gousto

"Light Apprentice short trailer", Amazu Media

"MiniVee #001 animation", personal

"Videographer" vlog, personal



Light Apprentice

Tiqueira Coffee

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Motor Mille Bygger Øen mobile game


Director, production manager, game designer, 2D artist and animator

We were hired by DR Ramasjang to develop a game based on their famous IP Motor Mille. For this game, I went for a colorful and bright style, in which Mille rewards the player for achieving tasks in building island elements, for example the classic Bamse’s house, or her Skægs balloon.

Mya's Festival mobile game


Director, production manager, game designer, 3D artist and animator, SoMe and Community Manager

A spin-off game from the Light Apprentice series, focusing on Mya, the Fire Apprentice. The user could play as her, defeat monsters in delightful gameplay and buy and upgrade hammers and costumes. The game also features timed events and exclusive content.

Charg1ng Comics



Kids comic book for Braxton Miller, telling the story of the legendary quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, at the time playing for the NFL’s Houston Texas.

MiniVee comics


Creator, writer and artist

Online comic book I made as a homage to GaryVee. I would get inspired by his DailyVee and past podcasts, specially the classics, and would do a daily comic book about him, his team and his guests. Read it at

Light Apprentice game


Director, producer, production manager, game designer, 2D artist and animator, SoMe and Community Manager

I raised seed capital, and turned my creator-owned project into a courageous sprint, aiming to do what had never done before at the intersection of comic book and game. At the height of production, I managed 20 people.

L.A.N.  - webcomic, animation and strategy game


Artist and director

After selling Sidewise to DC Comics, I wanted to create my own IP and keep it. Light Apprentice Nate was developed into comic book, animation and game.

Blazing Squids magazine


Co-creator and editor, issues #0-#18

I co-created and edited the magazine for the Animation Workshop students, using InDesign. It was a very creative and fulfilling experience, giving exposure to young artists while being able to interview legends such as Kaj Pindal and Tim Schaefer.

DC Comics


Co-author, artist, colorist, SoMe and Community Manager

I co-created the comic book series Sidewise alongside writer Dwight L. McPherson, and drew the 52-page comic for DC’s now extinct digital imprint Zuda Comics.

Image Comics



My first job in the international comic book industry was as a colorist for Hiding in Time, a 4-issue mini-series later optioned for a movie by Warner Bros. In 2018, it was reported as "in development" as a TV Series by MGM TV.



Classical Drawing, semester course

The Drawing Academy, Viborg, Denmark


Bachelor in Design

Universidade Catolica de Goiás, Goiânia, Brazil


You can also write to iggynore (at) gmail (dot) com or call me at +45 5321 9904.

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